To-Go Solutions

Renewable fibers, innovative biopolymers and recycled materials combine to create a deliciously responsible to-go solution.

Compostable Cutlery Kits

Our premium biopolymer cutlery offers earth-friendly convenience. Kits include a fork, knife, spoon, and recycled paper napkin. Wrapped in a compostable outer package.

Compostable Bioplastic Bags

Made with patented plant-based PVA or updated PLA, these biopolymer bags offer superior performance and stand up to heavy loads without the need for double bagging.

Sugar Cane Bagasse Clamshells

Ideal for entrees, sides, and appetizers, our sturdy sugar bagasse clamshells stand up to hot and cold food and liquids. Perfect for grab-and-go, takeout, and boxed lunches.


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